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Affidavit of Michael Gorr I, Michael Gorr, 46, resident of European principality, Genovia, present myself in the Supreme court of Gomorrah as the expert witness in the sexual assault case (case no. 6167910) of Audrey Merton vs. Silenus, the satyr, and her fiancé, Hench. Silenus, the satyr is accused for sexual assaulting Miss. Merton and Mr. Hench is accused for creating a satyr who is always sexual aroused which resulted in the half goat and half man, Silenus to sexual assault Miss. Merton. Both of the accused, Silenus and Hench have pleaded not guilty against the allegations made by Miss. Merton. Silenus and Hench have presented different defense argument to prove their innocence of the crimes they have been accused for. This case…show more content…
His actions, desires, everything about him in not under his control as he is just a creation of Hench. Additionally, Hench, himself made a claim of the satyr not being capable to focus on anything other than sex and his proves that he is incapable to do otherwise. If this case is judged from the deterministic view, Hench is morally responsible for the crime committed against Miss. Merton as he is responsible for his creation, Silenus the satyr. Hence, Hench would be prosecuted for what resulted in the sexual assault of Miss. Merton which was committed by HIS…show more content…
Merton but he did have the capable to control his behavior/ urges towards her but did went ahead and assaulted Miss. Merton. He could have controlled himself and not committed the crime but he went ahead and sexually assaulted her. It was necessary for him to do so, he wasn’t complied to act in that particular manner. It is not necessary for Y (effect) to follow X (cause). Therefore, the determinist point of view would strip Hench's allegation and prosecute the satyr for committing this crime and wrongfully accusing Hench for the satyr's doing. In my personal opinion, as a compatibilist, I believe that the satyr is morally responsible for his actions. I do not deny the fact that Satyr's choices were predetermined, however, he wasn’t forced to sexually assault Miss. Merton. Hench wasn’t holding the gun to the satyr's dead which would have forced him to commit the heinous crime. He did so willingly know what the consequences would be but that too did not stop him to assault Miss.

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