Dove Self Esteem Case Study

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Lately, the world has been facing various problems that need to be solved low self-esteem is one of them. Self-esteem is an issue for many women, growing number of women is suffering from low self-esteem. They are unhappy with the way they look and they less positive about life generally, According to the official website of dove self-esteem fund (low self-esteem is the reflection of a person's overall emotional evaluation of his own worth and it is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self) The problem is getting worse day by day. 80% of people in the world have low self-esteem and more likely to put others down to make themselves feel better. In addition to that Dove global research shows: only 4% of women around the world…show more content…
Although the problem of low self-esteem has many solutions but the dove self-esteem fund has proven to be quite successful due to the following criteria; Function feasibility, operational feasibility and socio-cultural feasibility. In order to apply solution we have to understand how it functions. Functional Feasibility is the project's ability to address the causes of the problem and to reduce or eliminate the effects. It shows how effective the solution is. As I mentioned before the causes for low self-esteem are so many but the most common are being the odd one out, at home or at school, belonging to a family or social group that other people are prejudiced towards, Absence of praise, warmth, affection or interest in addition to that failing to meet parents standards or being the receiving end of other people's stress or distress which causes the person to be negative and gloomy most of the time. Dove self-esteem fund took serious actions to reduce the effects and minimize the consequences they are challenging the stereotypes and they are also educating women how to promote self-confidence and one of the greatest achievements of the dove campaign is that it initiated a global conversation to widen the definition of beauty; at dove they believe that women and girls of all ages should see beauty as a source of confidence, not anxiety. They want to help the next generation to develop a positive relationship with how they look and how they perceive the world. Through this functional feasibility the causes and the effects of this problem were defined and how we can transform these causes from problem

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