Segregation In Society

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In the following sources, segregation is described in the ways it affected the lives of the colored individuals in society. More specifically, how it was such a terrible thing that should not have even been considered to exist in the first place. Segregation had separated races, forcing the colored population to be belittled and denigrated. Segregation was absolutely appalling, it encouraged inequality, racism, and dissociation. To begin, segregation is criminal in many ways, including how it promotes inequality. Although, some may think segregation was beneficial and useful to society, it is completely and utterly wrong. As stated in Source C, “Public schools for black children received less funding, less maintenance, and less teacher…show more content…
For example, “When the black students, known as the ‘Little Rock Nine,’ attempted to enter Central High School, segregationists threatened to hold protests and physically block the students from entering the school” (Source B). This describes the way people were concerned so much about what color they are that they tried to deprive the children of an equal education. Also, this shows how people thought the whites were so superior that they believed it was necessary to physically prevent the children from just going to school with them. Furthermore, Source C also expresses, “Some states even held whites-only primary races to exclude candidates who might be popular among black voters.” This shows that they wouldn’t allow black blacks to run for any elections because that person would be favored by the black voters. This also conveys that they didn’t believe the black’s opinion mattered as much because they might automatically choose the black candidate. Overall, this proves that the racism with segregation affected these people horribly and caused a major disadvantage for practically everything in their…show more content…
In Source C, it states, “The state of Louisiana said that the mandated segregation did not suggest that blacks were inferior to whites, because the whites-only train cars were of the same quality. They were equal.” This describes how although they were separate, it was of equivalent value, making this legal. This also interprets that as long as everything was of the same standard, they can be as separated as they chose it to be without any other objections from the Supreme Court. Moreover, “She stepped onto the bus for the ride home and sat in the fifth row - the first row of the ’Colored Section’ In Montgomery, Alabama, when a bus became full, the seats nearer the front were given to white passengers” (Source A). This indicates that the colored bus riders are forced to go to the very back of the bus, while whites stay towards the front. In other words, this means that the colored have to first go to the back, and if it’s full then they are the ones who have to get up and move just so the white person has a place to sit. All in all, even with things of similar quality, it makes the minority have a constant assurance that they are of less importance because they are not able to be in the same places as the whites and have to have their own

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