Heat Transfer In Pharmaceutical Industry

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HEAT EXCHANGERS AND HEAT INTERCHANGERS A wide variety of heat transfer equipments are used in pharmaceutical industries. They may be used to heat fluids i.e., liquids and gases and some time even solids. Heating media used is generally the hot fluid or steam or direct heating using electric heated coils. Some of the processes which involve heat transfer in pharmaceutical industry are: • Evaporators • Distillation • Drying • Crystallization • Preparation of semisolid dosage forms- creams, ointments and pastes etc. The equipments used for the transfer of heat are known either as heat exchangers or heat interchangers. Heat exchangers: These are the devices used to transfer heat from one fluid to the other liquid through a metal wall. So, generally…show more content…
It is reserved for those cases where heat is transferred from condensing vapors to a liquid. Transfer of heat happens by three principle means: conduction, convection and radiation. In comparison to conduction and convection, radiation does not play a major role. Conduction occurs as the heat from the higher temperature fluid passes through the solid wall. To maximize the heat transfer, the wall should be thin and made of a very conductive material. The biggest contribution to heat transfer in a heat exchanger is made through…show more content…
4.5. Heater consists of an outer cylindrical shell or casing, C, with an inlet and outlet for the fluid to be heated. A bundle of relatively thin walled parallel tubes, A, is enclosed in this casing. The ends of these tubes are expanded into two tube sheets B1 and B2. Two distribution chambers, D1 and D2 are provided at each end of casing. Fluid to be heated is allowed to enter in D2 chamber through an inlet, H, and heated fluid is taken out from D1 chamber through an outlet, I. Two covers, E1 and E2 are present to close the distribution chambers from the sides. Steam or any other heated fluid is introduced into the tubes through an inlet, F. Non-condensable vapors and the condensate from steam are allowed to escape/ drain from K and G

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