Importance Of Merchandising In Export Industry

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Over the years of the growth of merchandising as a discipline in the apparel export industry, there have been many changes in the job profile of the apparel merchandiser to perform these functions. It has charges from a simple to a much more complex job transcending almost all departments and functions in an apparel export house. This has led to a change in the skills required for the job and evolution of the discipline of export merchandising. Merchandising has been to a large extent a function which was never clearly defined not distinctly performed in the Apparel export industry. On one hand the merchandiser had the job of getting orders and execute them; doing the role of production coordinator in the same breath. However, the general essential…show more content…
• Good knowledge of the usual raw materials inspection systems and garments inspection systems. • Knowledge of the quota system used in each of the producing countries, duty rate, custom regulation, shipping and banking documentation etc. 9. Merchandiser interface with other departments of apparel industry The merchandiser’s job with other departments of apparel industry is more complicated than the other workers in industry. Hence, he is the only person communicating with buyers, his role extends each departments activity in one or another way. For most of the manufacturing oriented department he or she needs to provide adequate information regarding the production requirements. i) Industrial Engineering or Production Planning Department: • Once the order confirmed, the merchandiser instruct either PPC or IE department regarding the requirements of the order like order quantity, garment work content, lead time and delivery date etc. • The merchandiser mentions the milestone dates like sourcing, cutting initiation etc. This will help the planning department to work on the calculations like capacity available, line scheduling date,…show more content…
- The merchandiser also advice the department regarding the other specifications mentioned by the customer. Eg: Match Stripes, Close raw edge in the inner seams etc - Merchandiser also decides the quality audit inspection level (AQL) along with the quality manager. In turn from Quality department - Merchandiser receives comments and feed back about any processing methods. These feedbacks will affect the quality of the products or reduce the production quantity sometimes. - Hence, the merchandiser communicates this kind of feedbacks to buyer and decides possible alternative method of performing that process without or with minimal changes for the products aesthetic and quality appeal. iv) Production department • After order conformation with the tentative production start date, merchandiser informs the production department about the forthcoming order and requirements. • This information includes details like order quantity, style numbers, colour wise, size wise quantity requirements, expected output along with the delivery dates to be

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