Persuasive Essay About Childhood Obesity

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Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity has an increasing percentage, should be treated, parents should be more aware. What do parents think about childhood obesity? most of the times parent do not realize that their kids are overweight. Many parents are too busy with many things, like work or doing their chores that they are not aware that their child could or soon could get a health issue. most of these children do not have all the attention that is needs. Childhood obesity is a condition in which a child is significantly overweight for his or her age and height. In order for you to know that you have childhood obesity is that some of the symptoms are overweight, pot belly and shortness of breath. Based on the percentages of america childhood obesity has increased during the times. There was a survey made on certain people in 2007 by (national survey of children's health).The studies from some high schools around the world show that they have increased during the times.For example the percentage for the overall high school in…show more content…
In many school the percentage of being childhood obesity decreases or increases during the time periods. That's why in my opinion i think parents should be more aware of what their children eat and the activities they do on a daily bases. CONCLUSION Parents are supposed to play a huge role at hole with is worry about their family but also about their children having the risk of being childhood obesity. Many of the parents in america think it's perfectly fine for their children to have that kind of health issues but it really isn't. Their many risk that parent don't know that there kids could get. That's why parent or guardian should be aware of what their children health. Some of the example that you child could have is the risk of asthma,heart disease. That's the reason why we should pay attention to our children with childhood

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