Social Issues In Modernism

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Alcoholism There are many types of social issues in Modernist Literature. They range from treatment of people to racism and also separation of people. These social issues are still found in today’s society. Some elderly people and veterans are treated poorly today and you can find many types of racism everyday. You can also find separation all across the world and in every culture. For example, a couple days before Donald Trump will be giving his first State of the Union address this website said, “... but he will have his work cut out for him with a public that is more divided than ever” (Taylor). This shows a perspective of a U.S. Citizen and they believe that the country is separated One of the big social issues in today’s society is Alcoholism…show more content…
There has been a study on a medicine to help with alcoholism. Kranzler, Poole, Hagen, McLeod, and Crosse write, “ In 1994, naltrexone became the first medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration as an adjunct in alcoholism treatment in almost fifty years” (Kranzler, et al.). This medication could help somebody that struggles with alcoholism. It’s not very popular in today’s society though because of the price and the side effects. Also because many people with alcoholism can’t stop drinking or won’t stop. Another solution is alcohol intervention. Gentilello, Donovan, and Dunn write, “ An injury requiring hospitalization creates a unique opportunity to intervene and to motivate patients to alter the drinking behavior, thereby making trauma centers ideal sites to implement an alcohol screening, intervention….” (Gentilello, et al.). By focusing on people with alcoholism and sending them to an intervention, can help them from stopping alcohol abuse. By using alcohol intervention, you can keep them away from alcohol and that might end their addiction. The last solution is a twelve step approach through a group called Alcoholics Anonymous and multiple other programs. Ferri, Amato, and Davoli write, “...the effectiveness of AA or TSF programmes compared to other psychosocial interventions in reducing alcohol intake, achieving abstinence, maintaining abstinence, improving the quality of life of affected people and their families, and reducing alcohol associated accidents and health problems” (Ferri, et al.). This program can change somebody's life around that has fallen into alcoholism. It basically gives them a new life if they successfully get through the program. This single program can save somebody’s life that has fallen into alcoholism. Those are some, of the many solutions to

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