Persuasive Essay: Why To Eat Insects?

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Why to Eat Insects Insects are generally viewed as disgusting little critters, and people will cringe at the prospect of eating them, “They are ugly!” says one, “They are disgusting” says another, these people are blinded of the truth. “They are our future” I say. One reason to eat insects is they are much more efficient to produce and, better for the environment. There are currently 1.5 billion hectares of cropland and 3.38 billion hectares of pastures covering the earth. It takes 200 m2 to grow a pound of beef, while to grow a pound of crickets it takes just 15 m2 of land. By 2025 1.8 billion people will live in areas with little to no freshwater, and yet we use 70% of freshwater on agriculture alone. To produce 1 kilogram of beef you need 22000L of water, for 1 kilogram of pork 3500L, for 1 kilogram of chicken 2300L, and for 1…show more content…
“They are disgusting and ugly, who would eat them?” This is entirely subjective and opinion based, some people find Chocolate disgusting, and some don’t. By your logic anything that you don’t like isn’t considered worthwhile. While many people won’t find critters pretty, you’ll have to look beyond display. Just because they look alien to us shouldn't mean we don’t consider them as an alternative food source “Researches have experimented and found that if you don’t give insects good feed, they will not be very healthy and some often die before being ready to eat” This is the only valid counterclaim I know about this topic, but I am still able to rebut it. Yes, while this is true, when you think about it It’s still a win-win situation. Although not perfect, they will still require less, even if more expensive feed to produce more, be healthier, better for the environment, and still cheaper than the beef industry! Even if It’s not perfect, It’s still a step in the right direction and a downright upgrade from the beef/pork/chicken industry. “They will destroy the food chain” I have no idea where to start with this

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