Anti Oppressive Perspective

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Substance Abuse among Youth in Canada: An Anti-oppressive Perspective Introduction There is considerable evidence that substance abuse among youth is a growing concern in Canada (Smye, Browne, Varcoe & Josewski, 2011; Leslie, 2008). Stigma, oppression and marginalization are closely linked to the social problem of substance abuse (Nelson, 2012; Room, 2005; Hyman 2005 & Reinarman, 2005 as cited in Graham, Young, Valach & Wood, 2007). My thesis statement for this essay is that, an anti-oppressive perspective is crucial to address systemic inequalities that contribute to the social problem of substance abuse among youth in Canada (Nelson, 2012; Graham et al., 2007 & Smye et al., 2001). This essay will discuss the topic of substance abuse among youth in Canada, and employ an anti-oppressive perspective to it. The essay will be divided into three sections. The first section will introduce the social problem of substance abuse among youth in Canada. The second section will explore the understanding of addiction as oppression and further provide a social work understanding of substance abuse. The third section will discuss the need for an anti-oppressive harm reduction approach to dealing with substance abuse. In addition I will also highlight the need for an integrated substance abuse treatment approach with social workers at the center of it. The last section will summarize my viewpoints.…show more content…
A number of risk factors are associated with substance abuse such as mortality, mental health disorder, physical and psychosocial problems (Csiernik & Rowe, 2010; Leslie, 2008; Room, 2005; Paglia & Room,
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