Health Care Diversity Analysis

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The diversity and cultural competence become of great importance in our society. The population in the United States increases in diversity every day in rural and urban areas and this diversity impact in the health care system. The health care interacts with patients from different cultures and the professionals need to know how they manage the different cultures within of code of ethics. The concern between the advocating for patient's right to choose alternative health care and the health care practices and policies of the different facilities is a main dilemma in the health care system. The care system need to eliminate the lack to the access to health care services of the minorities and the right of each individual to select any…show more content…
The form to resolve the different symptoms of anxiety and depression of immigrant has close relationship with the legal status in this country. The legal status affect how the patient can have relationship with the health care system, if the family is undocumented and fears deportation , they become secretive and have difficulty to access to health care service and treatments, in this situation the health care administrator needs to establish trust and to reassure the undocumented family about the confidentiality contact with the health care organization ( The Haworth Press, 2004). Sometime group differences are applied incorrectly to individual from one group whose members. appear similar to another group such as Mexican and Puerto Rican , every health care professional need to understand different group and adapt the services to different people. Other ethical difference is the language, with the increase of the immigration in this country where…show more content…
In different situations the immigrant use their children as an interpreters in a health care settings , but this option can bring health care issues and it is unethical because the patient needs to understand the information and gives informed consent. With the purpose to resolve these issues the healthcare organization need to have bilingual staff that help the population with different language and cultures and protect the privacy of the health care information . Other ethical difference is the health beliefs ,families with different cultures and religion have variations in how they beliefs in the health, diseases, and different treatments. The different cultures and religions see the health in different dimensions, some cultures prefer to use the traditional medicine other people

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