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"Science has confirmed that in captivity dolphins and whales suffer from high mortality rates, low breeding success and may endure physiclal and psychological disorders...". According to Daniel Turner of the Born Free Foundation, and organization dedicated to conservation and animal welfare. Therefore, the animals in captivity are not happy and the trainers of SeaWorld are neither safe or well-backed up, because a killer whale cannot kill out of nowhere without any logical reasons. As a matter of fact Gabriel Cowperthwaite the director of Black Fish could not rest peacefullly, knowing something is not right. In other words, the movie Black Fish conveys the cause and effects of an unpredictable situation that shocked not only the trainers and…show more content…
Because she died thirty minutes after the attack unfortunately according to Tampa Bay News. In addition, the movie Black Fish copilated shocking videos from killer whales attacks in SeaWorld and there were some footages where shows mistreatment towards the killer whales in captivity. Not to mention, the movie Black Fish includes interviews from past trainers and workers from SeaWorld whom shared their opinions and they confessed some circumstances never known and that they had been covered up by SeaWorld to not damage their image as a lovely and awesome attraction. Turists feel amazed by the sight of a killer whale so close, but people only want to see what they want to. Turists spend their money in SeaWorld just like another attraction park in Orlando, thinking how incredible is to see animals that live far away from all of us together in one…show more content…
In particular SeaWorld is suffering the "Black Fish Effect", what it means SeaWorlds stocks had been going down. Since people are watching the movie and try to put themselves from Tilikum's perspective. How would it feel if to be in a pool all the time?. Of course, the sadness and unhappiness would take over and turn into hate. In fact, killer whales are the largest members of the dolphin family and they are intelligent marine creatures. In the ocean they can travel from 50 to 100 miles a day. Unlike, in captivity they would only eat and get out when the trainers wan them to. These are a few true facts that Black Fish want to show because people may be inunformed about killer whales freelistyle routine. Another example, is the killer whales' dorsal fins from SeaWorld. SeaWorld assures that the dorsal fins are supposed to go down towards one side and that is completely normal, also they said: "Is natural". To put it in another way that is a lie because the dorsal fin is supposed be straight up. For this reason the movie Black Fish want to show of the inmoral practices on the killer whales that the movie explains chronologically. The two most important are, the death of many captive killer whales at an early age and the mass breeding of these whales. Black Fish explains that killer whales live between 50 explains that killer whales live between 50 and 80 years,

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