Hate Crime Research Paper

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A history of racism and a culture of violence in the United States creates the recipe for racial tension, which eventually boils over into violent hate crimes. Though the specific context may be different between the 60’s, 90’s and recent hate crimes, many of the perpetrators share the same white-supremacist views. This is not to say that all of these hate crimes were committed by whites, though they do hold the majority share. So where and why did these hate crimes begin? Let’s start in Birmingham, Alabama during the 1960’s. According to 4 Little Girls Birmingham was an extremely segregated city. Nearly all politicians and law enforcement were white, with many having white supremacist group affiliations. Bombings at black churches and homes was a common occurrence during the 50’s and 60’s. These attacks were the defiance by white-supremacists (namely Ku Klux Klan members and associates) against the progress being made in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. “…the honkeys just bomb ‘em because they resent black folks having good homes.” This quote by Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker about violence on ‘Dynamite Hill’ really helps illustrate the deep seated racism at that time, these bigots…show more content…
From the church shootings in South Carolina and Wisconsin to the anti-Semitic shootings in Kansas we find that white supremacists will collaborate with like-minded individuals on the internet to help turn domestic terror plots into a mass-murdering reality. Only one of these recent events was against a black church, proving that the views of these bigots apply to anyone who they deem different. These attacks also help to show that this sort of discrimination can be found across the country, not just in the South, and how the age of the internet has changed how these racist views and beliefs are transferred and absorbed by people across our

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