Personal Narrative: Nudging Out Of The Nest

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Nudging Out of the Nest Pow! Down goes the clown prince of crime as the tall brooding figure of justice stands above him. However, it was not this tall figure, known as Batman that interested me most. I was always more of a fan of his partner, who was left in the shadow, Robin. Growing up I always felt the struggle of the younger sibling. I was the player two or the sidekick to my brother my whole childhood. Because of this overwhelming shadow I became very shy. I did not like to step outside my boundaries or talk to new people. In a way my brother, Ricky was my Batman and I became content hiding in his shadow. I became his Robin, however, in Gotham City many men took up the role of Robin. My favorite of the Robins, because he is the one I relate most to, is Dick Grayson. Grayson was the first Robin and the first to get taken under Batman's guidance. I saw my life as a reflection of Grayson’s. Ricky was a lot more outgoing than I was, he had more friends and always kind of lead me through social situations. It was almost as if he was taking me through my own…show more content…
It was unforeseen by me until the day it came, when Ricky left for college. I became upset to seem him go but, in a way I was also glad to try things on my own. I felt prepared, ready for the world facing me. It was the push this Robin needed to fly. I felt even closer to Grayson because in the comic book world he sets out on his own to fight crime under the name Nightwing. For the first time I could fearlessly step out into the unknown all on my own. I would finally be recognized for something other than my brother. I could create a name for myself, maybe even a legacy. Nightwing and Batman still kept in touch however, much like my brother and I. I never called Ricky desperately begging for him to come back but I did miss him. I was enjoying the freedom and the new experiences I was running into on my

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