Essay On Hate Crime

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Hate crimes is a social problem that existed for many years already. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender is also one of the major victims of this kind of crime and that it is very rampant nowadays. An LGBT person classified by their sexual orientation and that it changes as time passes by, that mostly depend on their culture and histories. Hate crime or the so called bias crime are any act used to harm, intimidates or threaten others because of their race, religion, color, beliefs, gender and sexual orientation. The issue of LGBT people has been popular worldwide, specifically their experience towards discrimination or victimization and even abuse which is socio spatial over those past years. Their feeling of being abominated by others also…show more content…
In Bucks County, two convicted men sentenced of a first-degree murder for killing a gay man. The victim’s dead body found with multiple stab wounds and his throat slashed; his car had set on fire is the evidence (Correll, 1988; National Gay and Lesbian Task Force [NGLTF], 1988). However, Philippines is not an exemption on this kind of crime, in fact, this also given much interest recently. Last October 11, 2014 in Olongapo, Philippines a Filipina Trans woman Jennifer Laude had been put to death by Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton because of his unawareness of the gender. The corpse found inside the restroom of a disco bar in Olongapo with a naked body, covered waist and her head inclined on the edge of the toilet bowl. Prosecution of the case rested on June 30, 2015 (en.wikipedia-org/wiki/Death_of_Jennifer_Laude). Incidents stated above undoubtedly show that different treatment towards LGBT people and that’s obviously highly
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