Pros And Cons Of Presymptomatic Screening

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AWARENESS OF GENETIC TESTING Is it beneficial to be genetically screened for specific diseases? How accurate is the screening? Can one use this information to prevent or lessen their risk of developing certain illnesses? What does the screening process involve? Is it fairly simple or complex? There are definitely positives and negatives for presymptomatic genetic screening. The terminology, screening, is used because this is done prior to developing the disease. Testing usually means checking to evaluate if the condition is already present in the individual. Some of the pros and cons are listed below for presymptomatic genetic screening. One of the articles used in this analysis is a study titled, “Public Perceptions of Presymptomatic Testing…show more content…
The research suggests a higher rate of anxiety, depression and suicides among those who tested positive for this gene. There are claims of discrimination as well, if one tests positive for this gene. Testing positive is an indication, not a guarantee for most genetic testing. Due to no curative treatment or prevention from this illness, other physicians in this field agree, “Due to the emotional burden…genetic testing for late onset Alzheimer’s disease will often not be useful until scientists discover a way to prevent or delay the disorder” (Hahn). The Alzheimer’s Society agrees also, “Overall, Alzheimer’s Society does not believe that the current state of genetic knowledge is sufficiently advanced for genetic testing to be a useful option for the majority of the population”…show more content…
Fetuses can be tested for genetic disorders long before they are born. It is suggested and highly recommended that anyone considering genetic testing seek genetic counseling beforehand. One does not need to be tested before very serious consideration of the results whether they are positive or negative. Individuals must think about the course of action they would pursue in either situation. A counselor can help guide one through the various scenarios to help them decide if this would be a wise decision for the specific individual. As stated previously the results do not come with guarantees, testing positive does not mean the person will develop the illness they are being tested for, the same can be said for testing negative, not having the specific gene does not mean the person will not develop the

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