Family Intervention Case Plan

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For every individual, family is defined relative to their experience with their own families. The modern day family can have various definitions and appearances. Hanson and Lynch (2004) suggest that, much like families themselves, the definition has changed overtime; they also note the differences in describing the concept among researchers and theoreticians. The basic premise of a family unit is to foster growth of its member. In some instances, a family is not able to function in this capacity and intervention becomes necessary. A case plan is used to determine specific goals using a formal method of specific changes to the operation of a family to satisfy the safety of children (Schene 1998). This is supported by specific measurable interim goals through collaboration with the child and cargiver. The best outcomes to be obtained are identified and indicators of that success is also produced to keep the plan on track (Dubowitz and DePanfilis, 2000). The services provided through a case plan, in an effort to keep the family together and minimize or reduce the risk of harm to the child(ren) in the home. Factors relating to the child(ren), caregiver(s) and the family as whole are considered to determine the level of safety and risk to the well being of the child(ren) (Dubowitz and DePanfilis, 2000). As a last resort, child(ren) are removed from the home when the caregiver is no…show more content…
In some instances, a parent may voluntarily place their child(ren) with a relative when they are unable to care for them to

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