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The culmination of World War 1 paved the way for the emergence of new cultures. The war led to the establishment of various jobs. As a result, most of the African –Americans relocated to the northern cities. As a matter of fact, lots of them shifted up north creating strong African-American communities. The Harlem in New York City is an example of this. Harlem is said to have been the focal point of Black Culture and served as home for a lot of talented African-Americans from various disciplines (Bloom 133). This paper, therefore, focuses on whether writers and artists during the Harlem Renaissance period should incorporate the dominant culture and given freedom to express real and definite African-American themes. The Harlem Renaissance is…show more content…
The influx of jazz music and its associated nightlife resulted into this. It is with no doubt that there were various reasons behind the black literary movement that also took place in Harlem. For instance, the pure size African American population created a large number of followers for the black artists and audience. Similarly, the location of Harlem in New York City, considered as the central point of many American culture creativities allowed for close communication between white and black artists as well as bourgeois and well-known professionals (Howes and Slovey…show more content…
They were of the view that such “proper” representations about the black were essential in fighting black stereotypes in American popular beliefs. They argued that art could not be separated from politics hence acting as a platform for gaining cultural equality. Social and political equality would soon follow as soon as it was accomplished. Harlem Renaissance helped the African Americans to fight against oppression that they were facing during this time. On the other hand, adversaries of cultural amalgamation assert that African Americans possessed a distinctive voice that could only exist in the distinct black art. They argued that the only way through which Renaissance artists could capture black art was through concentrating on their speech, music and way of life. Harlem Renaissance opponents argued that art should be used mainly for the sake of

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