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All great fires come from a single spark, before they were ever become the free flames we look upon with fear and fascination. The Harlem Renaissance is what ignited the black culture and art seen today. An artistic path was used by African Americans to portray the daily struggles of their lives, racial inequality, and black pride. A wave of cultural celebration spread throughout the country and inspired others, even of different races. This tradition has been followed throughout history since and can still be seen in the 21st century. Without this period of our history, the black culture and American society we see today would not be the same. To understand the Harlem Renaissance’s effect, one must first truly comprehend the significance…show more content…
The Harlem Renaissance has become known as an era that was not only important at its peak, but for future generations of Americans with different cultural backgrounds. The cultural celebration managed to restore a culture and people while helping break down the walls of racism that separated the country. African Americans were finally given a voice and they rejoiced boldly to show that they were still strong after centuries of harsh and unfair treatment. At the same time people of color also used their artistic abilities to expose the harsh lives they lived under the strict grip of racism and segregation. However what makes this movement so unique, is how it still managed to inspire people of other cultures and races in a powerful way. The Renaissance also motivated whites to use their talents and abilities to support the true freedom of African Americans. This involvement of other races started the change to the “new perception… of what is black and what is American” (Oppenheim). Which caused not only black communities to grow stronger, but also the bond and trust shared by the different races that call America

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