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The Harlem Renaissance was a time in the 1920’s and 1930’s that impacted African-American culture forever. This change affected Afro-Carribean artists too. They were often found challenging white authority figures and racism just as much. “Blacks , in this time frame only wanted their dignity as much as the rights that whites had. Declaring their freedom, and taking their stand they discovered their qualities as equal Americans. They took pride in the black culture that had risen out of a time full of suppression, as well as cultural ties that bled as far as Africa. Some of the significant figures of the Harlem Renaissance included many people such as James Weldon Johnson, Zora Neale Hurston, Josephine Baker, Duke Ellington and many more,…show more content…
Jazz was initially a very “black” genre. Whether they played music for the white men and women or for blacks, it was often times shared by white and blacks and they shared a mutual love for this style of music. From my view there are a few features of African America music that are uniquely black such a hip hop and rap. In the previous years, even decades in the past it was soul and Jazz that took black Americans for the ride of the years. It’s hard these days to label “black” music from “white” music. This is the decade for equality and an American is an American whether he is a black American or a white American. They will always be a case of inequality and for some that is a good thing such as the rich becoming richer, yet cases in which we speak of ethnicity it should never be a positive topic. Some, still to this day are prejudice to whites, blacks, even browns, but what does not make any sense to me, is that those who say, “I dislike blacks” are often times the first to listen to hip hop and rap music? Maybe, I come from a different background, maybe its how I was taught, but no matter the reason of equality for Americans it should always be blessed from its history of the Harlem

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