Native American English Chapter Analysis

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The Spanish, English and French each had a different encounter and relationship with the Native Americans due to the fact that they had different expectations and goals in colonizing America, so the interpretations of the Native Americans encounter with the Europeans differed from tribe to tribe. But the same could not be said about the Africans; the Native Americans were free when they first encountered the Europeans as opposed to the Africans who had already been slaves for centuries. “Within Africa itself, slavery had existed for centuries. Africans accepted it without question as a part of human organization and an important part of accumulating wealth.” (Nash 116) Therefore while there were many similarities between the European-Indian…show more content…
1450,” it discusses how the Africans looked when the seaman arrived to take them away. “For some kept their heads low and their faces bathed in tears, looking one upon another; others stood groaning very dolorously, looking up to the height of heaven, fixing their eyes upon it, crying out loudly, as if asking help of the Father of Nature; others struck their faces with the palms of their hands, throwing themselves at full length upon the ground; others made their lamentations in the manner of a dirge, after the custom of their country.” In silent acquiescence Gomes Eannes de Azurara looked at the people of Africa and was not fascinated by the sight of the Africans rather he felt sorry for them. Contrary to the accounts by Gomes Eannes de Azurara of the Africans the Ho-Chunk Nation and the French had more of an amiable first…show more content…
The Spanish were by far the cruelest of conquerors. Their encounter towards the Indians is similar to that of the Africans as they regarded both the Africans and the Indians as uncivilized savages. In the reading “A Critique of the Slave Trade” it says, “there are thousands of other forms of deception practiced in those parts by the Spaniards to trick and carry off the Negroes finally as newly imported slaves, which they are in fact, to the ports, with a few bonnets, gewgaws, beads and bits of paper under which they give them. They put them aboard the ships under false pretenses, hoist anchor, set sail, and make off towards the high seas with their booty...” There were similar accounts from the Mayans. The Mayans attributed all of the misery, affliction, forced imprisonment, forced labor and so much suffering to the

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