Hard Work Strength

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When i think about leadership the first thing that pops in my mind is someone thats helpful and a hard worker. also someone that is a true inspiration to people. I think of myself as a leader my strength is that I am a hard worker and dedicated to whatever i do. If the job i have to accomplish is horrible and bad. Ill try to do my best and get it done no matter what. When your dealing with being helpful this can go with many things such as at my work place. When i help people sign there kids up for swim lessons or help them if they have a bloody noise. What i strive to do is be good at no matter what im doing or try my best. Thats when the hard work comes into place when i have to show my work ethic and how well i can do it. I also have a bunch…show more content…
You have to get good on your bosses side and he will let you work with different departments that you normally dont get to go to. For instance, when the pool was shutting down the main maintence guy had carpel tunnel surgery. I took his place for the last week and helped the crew out. Even though it was hardwork i had a good mind set and had fun. Even though its not the luxary lifeguarding. Getting dirty and breaking sweat payed off and made me feel like i accomplished something. Like getting rid of old benches, also picking up garbage and weed waking. This opportunity made my boss realise that i am a really good employee and that i will help them out in a time of need. Even if i gave up my last week of summer. When you meet new people on this crew it a blast. You make new relationships and friends. When i was with them i shined my leadership skills on how to handle different tasks. Such as we had to take down a bunch of pool equipment i figured out how we were going to do it and when. When i lead them the crew was doing good. Even though we got off topic me or another employee would get us back in line and tell us what we had to accomplish in the afternoon. But with ever situation there can be bad
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