Boxer In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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In the satiric novel entitled Animal Farm by George Orwell, the character Boxer represents the working class members of society who rebel against Farmer Jones to gain freedom. However, the utopia that they fought for was not realized and they are manipulated by the pig; inturn they find themselves no better off than they started. Boxer is hardworking, loyal, and dedicated and he sacrifices his life for others. Without Boxer, Animal Farm would have never progressed as much as it did. In Animal Farm Boxer shows a variety of different characteristics. One characteristic Boxer displays is a hardworking attitude. For example, “Boxer with his tremendous muscles always pulled them through. But now he seemed more like three horses than one (10).” This shows that Boxer was an important part of the farm because of how strong he was and how he was able to do the work of three horses. Furthermore, this also illustrates that Boxer pulled them through difficult times with his strength and dedication to work. A second example of his hard work is “nothing could have been achieved…show more content…
To show that Boxer was dedicated, it states that,”Boxer refused to even take a day off work, and made it a point of honour not to let it be seen that he was in pain (34).” This goes to show that Boxer is dedicated to work for the improvement of the farm, even if he was in pain or hurt. Boxer was willing to sacrifice his body and get his work done for the day. Another example of Boxer’s dedication is “Boxer's strength and his never willing cry of I will work harder (23).” This shows that he was determined to work harder, he was not satisfied with how much he had worked and always wanted to work harder. Furthermore, he is determined to improve the farm even if it meant he had to wake up earlier than everybody else or went to bed later than everyone. In conclusion the farm was improved because of Boxer’s dedication to work hard day and night on the
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