Jungian Personality Analysis

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My Jungian personality type is ISFJ which stands for Introvert, Sensing, Feeling and Judging. What that means to me is I am more self-motivated than I need motivation from an outside force or people. I am also not really comfortable with large groups of people. I am very trusting of what people tell me more than I would trust myself sometimes (ex. if I were to try on a new shirt wasn't sure if I like how it looked on me, I would ask someone for their opinion and I would trust their opinion over mine). I also make a lot of my decisions based on how I feel or what I think I should do and not based off of logic. I'm a pretty organized person and I don't like breaking off plans once they are set. My score for how productive I am is a 41 I could be more productive, but I get done what I need to get done.…show more content…
I was surprised by the fact that I got judging as part of my personality mainly because I don't feel like I organize everything that I do, but when I plan out or have organized I get very upset if it gets changed. With the introversion sensing and feeling parts of my personality, I was not surprised at all. I always had a feeling that I am an introvert I have always felt a little stressed or uncomfortable in big crowds or being the center of attention. Sensing and feeling just gave me the words for some of my traits that make me myself. After I found out what my personality type was, it didn't really surprise me too much when I found out my productive score. It made sense to me that I am reasonably productive with having Judging as part of my personality type. What surprised me, was how I scored in the different sections that make up productivity organization and delegation being my lowest and attitude, productive systems, and information integration being more of my

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