Narrative Essay On Mary Maloney

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The detectives were in the kitchen gathered around the table talking about the murder that had taken place in Mr. Maloney's house a while ago. They were eating the lamb that Mary Maloney had cooked for her husband. A detective came up to her. "Thanks for the food we really appreciate it, we'll continue the investigation now" said Sergeant Noonan. "You were only doing me a favor" said Mary Maloney as she accidently giggled. "Was something funny? We're glad that you've calmed down a bit," said one of the detectives as they entered the room. "Charlie, you want to do Mrs. Maloney another favor and throw out the remaining lamb for her?" The detective then walked back into the kitchen to throw away the leftovers of the lamb. "A weapon that's blunt and must be pretty heavy right Jack?" asked the detective. He walked towards the garbage can and turned around to pick up the lamb from the table when he glanced for only a second he noticed some blood on a meat wrapper. "Hey guys come here, look what I found!" yelled the detective. "We're coming in a moment Charlie, Mrs. Maloney please wait…show more content…
Mrs. Maloney had then walked into the kitchen wondering what the fuss was about. She saw a glimpse of what the detectives were intrigued and nervously said "Oh that was when I was cutting the lamb, it was pretty blunt and hard to cut through!” Mary Maloney didn't have any time to think about what she had said as she wanted to erase all suspicion of there still being a weapon in the house. It had done the opposite effect as the detectives then turned around and began to whisper to each other. They pondered whether or not Patrick's wife might have been the culprit as surprising it seemed. "She was acting pretty suspicious to begin with" said one of the

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