Hades Role In Greek Mythology

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Greek mythology is filled with fascinating characters. From Ares to Zeus, each character has their own story. In addition to the Gods, there are monsters, humans, and demigods that play a large role in greek myths. This paper will cover Hades, a god; Helen, a demigod; and the Sirens; who are monsters. Their myths will be explored in-depth and their pasts will be uncovered. Hades Hades is a greek God who was born to Kronos and Rhea, both titans, on the island of Crete. Hades came into power after the fall of the titans when the “big three”-himself, Zeus, and Poseidon, divided the universe. Zeus gained control of the sky and Olympus (The God’s kingdom). Poseidon reigned over the sea. Since the only leftover place was the Underworld, it was assigned to Hades. The underworld, sometimes called…show more content…
Zeus raped the queen, causing her to produce two eggs. One egg contained Helen and her brother, Pollux. The other contained Clytemnestra and Castor. Helen was supposedly the most beautiful woman of Greece and many men went after her because of this. In fact, she was “...the indirect cause of the Trojan War.”(Helen-Greek Mythology) Odysseus was one of the many men who wanted to have Helen for his own, but wanted to protect whoever she chose to marry at the same time. He decided to have himself and the other suitors swear to protect Helen’s partner and support them. At the time of the swearing, Helen’s partner was Menelaus. When Menelaus came to Odysseus and the other men to ask for help in getting Helen back from Troy after she had been kidnaped, Odysseus tried to get out of it. He did this by pretending to be madly plowing the fields and sowing salt on them. It was revealed that he wasn’t mad when his infant son was placed in front of the plow. Because of Odysseus’ sanity, he swerved to avoid hitting the baby. Later, he fought heroically in the Trojan

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