The Odyssey Compare And Contrast Essay

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There are a few contrasts between the motion picture The Odyssey and the epic lyric The Odyssey. One noteworthy distinction, in the motion picture there is an additament fundamental character, Odysseus' mom. She obliges as a primary character in the film yet is not once said in the epic sonnet. A second significant contrast is the settings. In the epic sonnet the spots are not quite the same as those in the film which have a portion of the same settings while others are blended together. A third real distinction are the suitors and how they treat Penelope. The suitors in the epic ballad are decent to Penelope and they treat her pleasantly while in the motion picture they destroy their welcome. A fourth significant distinction is that of the cleaning specialist. While in the epic Penelope's servant were valid to her.…show more content…
She did the best she could with taking care of Odysseus' trip yet determinately she couldn't take it any longer. She conferred suicide which transmuted the story's plot making the majority of the characters lament. At the point when Odysseus needs to go to the Underworld, which he does in both the film and epic, he optically observes his mom which withal characterizes changes between the motion picture and the epic lyric. The second significant recognition between the film and the epic sonnet is that the motion picture has distinctive settings that the ballad does and a portion of the same settings are out of the request they are in, in the epic. In the film Odysseus and his men don't go to the island of Cicone, they go to the Cyclops' island first and foremost, the Lotus eaters and Circe's island are commixed together, Odysseus is left without his men after Charybdis, which in the sonnet is duplicitous, and there are no Sirens. Each of these settings are not the same as the epic's. However when Odysseus visits this spots they are exact as indicated by the

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