Re-Socialization In The United States Marine Corps

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Socialization has and will always be a part of our lives, it’s how we communicate, interact and define our social structure. Without socialization we probably wouldn’t survive much as a species or advance as far as we would today. But socialization skills are always changing, either willingly or unwillingly based on the circumstances around the person or how the person is generally. It is when socialization skills are forced to change because of circumstances that re-socialization occurs. Re-socialization occurs in anyone’s life and it takes different forms, either through general households or institution based. In the United States Marine Corp, recruits are re-socialized and conditioned for discipline, honor, respect and many other attributes.…show more content…
Each of these phases reconstructs and re-socialize the individual into disciplines and structured United States Marines. In the marine socialization process one must think of the drill instructor as the first socialization force. There are expectations that drill instructors must possess when instructing and training new recruits, including roles. In chapter four of the textbook roles and status is a form of interaction from Robert Merton’s role theories involving social interaction. Status and roles explains that there are responsibilities and expectations of a person with a particular status. In this case the drill instructor has a higher status and role than new recruits. So it should follow naturally that the new recruits follow the drill instructor’s orders without question since they are the ones being disciplined and re-socialized. The new recruits carry out these orders because their status and roles are under the drill…show more content…
In society we learn to think past ourselves to the other, or in reference to the concept of the generalized other. This means that new recruits must be able to socialize with people that they are unfamiliar with or disagree with them even though they may not like them for example. New recruits are disciplined by drill instructors to work as a team to accomplish something for a higher purpose, such as completing mission or to rescue another fellow marine in time of need. New recruits must get out of the notion that the significant others like their parents are more important than their team. If for example one recruit does something wrong it affects the entire team of your fellow marines or new recruits and everyone must come back and finish tasks and missions alive or even

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