Gun Control Argumentative Essay

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Since disarming the citizens of this country is the objective of the federal government, and since the federal government proclaims this to be a democratic country based upon equality, then any gun control measures adopted by the government should be democratically applied. If law-abiding citizens are to have their guns taken from them then let the law-abiding police agencies of the state be disarmed also. (Those in law enforcement who are crooked can keep their guns just as the drug pushers and criminal elements in the civilian population at large will keep theirs.) Democracy based on equality requires that, so far as possible all are to be democratically equal. Why should the police, FBI, and federal marshals remain armed while citizens are not? Let us look at this issue in an intelligent, reasonable manner and examine the arguments. It will be said of those in favor of non-democratic gun control that the police come into contact with…show more content…
If it makes sense for a citizen to be required to wait a week in order to buy a firearm for protection, then it makes equally good sense for the police and FBI to do the same. Innocent people are killed every year by both agencies. If enforcement agencies had to wait a week before they could get a pistol, countless lives would be saved. A true example of this type of situation occurred recently in Houston, Texas where two armed robbers held up a large super market. The police advised of a hold up in progress placed officers at all exits. As the holdup progressed and shoppers became aware of the stickup, several tried to flee the robbers. The first three shoppers out the door were shot by a female police officer, two died. How does a one-week waiting period sound for this police officer? Now, it can be argued that most officers never shoot an innocent person with their side arms. Quite true. The same is true for most citizens who own

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