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Most people think that pet stores are the best places to buy pets. So then the question becomes does animal abuse happen in pet stores? Animal cruelty is many different things; no food and water, too small of cages, not getting baths, and not getting attention. If people want to save animals, they definitely need to know what PETA is, many of the people that I got questionnaires back from didn’t even know what PETA is. Although some people blame PETA for not being involved, the pet stores should be to blame because they get the animals from “animal mills”. If the pet stores aren’t caring for the animals properly then they should be to blame, but if the animals are coming in sick then the pet stores should get the proper treatment to get…show more content…
At Sun Pet, PETA’s investigator routinely found severely decomposed rat, mouse, gerbil and hamster remains in bins containing live animals. “Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, chinchillas and sugar gliders were housed and/or shipped in severely crowded bins, cages and boxes. Sometimes the distressed animals fought, resulting in injuries such as shredded ears and gouged eyes.” Pet stores are abusing and neglecting the animals that they are selling. They squeeze the small animals to see the gender. They also throw the rats at the wall to see if they get back up and start running again. Many of the stores would send the sick and harmed animals back to the stores they got them from without food and water, hoping they will die. According to the online article Pet Store Puppies: Why You Shouldn't Rescue One, when animals don’t get sold, just like other stores they get put on sale. As the animals grow bigger, and they get older the price on them will keep going down, until they are sold. If the animal still doesn’t sell they start to give away the animals that don’t sell. The pet stores will sell the dogs for more than double what they actually paid for the pets. For example if they buy a dog for $300 they will sell the dog for $1,000, sometimes even

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