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Since I was a little girl I have been taking care of animals. I have had many pets in my life to include: guinea pigs, fish, cats, turtles and dogs. I have also taken care of neighbors’ pets, and assisted with helping stray animals. On one occasion, I found a baby mink in my backyard. I located a facility in the area that cared for wild animals and nursed them as babies. Then when they were full grown, they released them back into the wild. I have sympathy for all animals and enjoy doing my best to care for them. My whole life I have had an unconditional love for all animals, and feel passionate that having a career that helps animals is what I am supposed to do. For these reasons I have chosen my degree in becoming a veterinary technician. Currently I have one dog, and a guinea pig. Every animal is completely different. My animals can always make me smile whenever I have a bad day. We have a bond that is unbreakable and unconditional love for each other. Because I am so passionate about animals I feel as though I need to learn more about how to take care of them medically. My animals are the influence on why I decided to pursue a degree in veterinary technology. I understand fully how they depend on me for their care, and how I am their whole world. Taking care of an animal is more than just feeding, watering, and…show more content…
Usually, they are trained to assist the veterinarian in things such as surgery, radiography, laboratory tests, and client education. Since the majority of veterinary technicians do work in a private practice, there are more employment opportunities that are starting to increase. This is primarily due to pet owners becoming more willing to pay for the most advanced veterinary care that their animal may need. This is due to the fact that many owners now consider their pets to be family members and they want the best care for

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