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Before you take that mascara up to the checkout line did you look at the label and ingredients? If not you’re most likely supporting animal testing. Animal testing can be defined as performing experiments on animals to test the safety of products such as medicine, cleaning products, and cosmetics. Millions of animals are locked in tiny cages in laboratories. These animals endure pain and suffering, while some of them die due to the tests they are put through. Animals are the face of product testing, because animals are quite similar to humans they’re used for testing. But what people fail to realize is that animals feel pain just like we do, and their lives have value just like we do. A lot of times animals are given diseases such as AIDS and cancers. Once they’re given diseases they’re given medicines that can cure the disease, but this all takes trial and error.…show more content…
Many of them went blind because the mascara contained a high amount of a dangerous chemical. One of the lady’s that used the mascara had went blind and died because her eyes were infected badly. After that had happened the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic act was passed in 1938. Animal testing was required before any products were put on shelves. Many companies today are not required by the FDA to test products on animals, but many of them do it anyway. Animals such as guinea pigs and mice are still subject to tests that are unnecessary. A large percentage of guinea pigs and mice are restrained with their eyes open, and ingredients from cosmetics are rubbed in their eyes. These animals aren’t administered any pain relief, they just suffer through the whole testing process. After the testing process the animals are killed either through suffocation and

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