Griet Traits

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In the novel Girl With a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier, Griet, a young peasant girl in Delft, Holland, suddenly becomes a housemaid of a wealthy painter's family, after her father is blinded. While a maid, Griet matures, and learns many things, such as seeing different colors in everything, and different attributes she has. Many of Griet's qualities and characteristics are shown while she is the family's maid. Three characteristics that Griet have are: a distinct look, often making decisions based on her emotions but not analytically, and caring about her family. She has many other qualities, but these are her strongest: Griet is unique, emotional and caring. A major quality that Griet possesses is her distinct look. “Ah, the wide-eyed maid” (Chevalier, 83). Van Ruijven, a client of the painter, says about her. This seems to be the only name that he calls her. Her eyes are mentioned throughout the book. Another Aspect of Griet's distinct look, is her hair. “I'm not rich enough to dress my hair and go without a cap” (122). Griet says that when Pieter asked why she always wears a cap. Griet does…show more content…
An example is when her younger sister, Agnes dies. “There followed a time when everything was dull” (74). Griet was deeply saddened by her sister's death. To worsen the matter, Cornelia even makes a joke about Agnes' death. She asked Griet if her younger sister wanted a doll, when she knew that Agnes had recently died. Another example of Griet caring for her family, is when she visits her brother Frans. She does not visit him very often, as he is also away, working. When she does visit him, it is usually while he is working, or while it is his time to rest. “Afterwards, Frans and I walked along the Schie River” (69). This happens after Frans finds out Agnes has the plague. They see each other a few more times throughout the novel, either at their parent's house, or at his
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