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Katelyn and Morgan had a play date together one Saturday afternoon. They were outside in the play house with their siblings, acting like they were teachers at school. I called them in for supper and as I peered outside of the window, Katelyn had her cat encompassed in her hand as she was walking out of the playhouse. When she arrived at the front door, I told her to go wash her hands and I scolded her about how she does not need to bring the cat near her cousin because Morgan is severely allergic to them. She explained to me that the cat had run inside the play house and she was taking it outside so Morgan would not get sick. I knew that she was lying to me, but I let it go and we ate supper. When she left, she was disappointed due to the fact…show more content…
She would never intentionally put her cousin in that kind of danger. Grendel was also misunderstood in the epic Beowulf. In Beowulf, the Thane’s think that Grendel is an evil monster and that their praises and music aggravated him so much that he wanted to kill everyone. They do not take in to consideration that he has never been loved or that he just wants to be a part of something. Also, When Grendel dies, his mother comes after Beowulf. The Thane’s see it as another evil being that needs to be defeated when really, her son just died and she wanted revenge. In the story Grendel, the reader finds out that Grendel’s mother is “sick at heart” and that she is “guilty of some unremembered, perhaps ancestral crime” (Gardner 52). Also, Grendel and his unloving mother live in a “putrid, stinking hole” (Gardner 52). After reading about Grendel talking to the dragon for wisdom and realizing that Grendel admires the Shaper, one can see that Grendel hears two side of life; Grendel must choose to make life meaningful or not. Grendel chooses to make it meaningful, but since he is a decedent of Cain and his family is cursed, he chooses the wrong way to make life

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