Grendel's Mother In Beowulf

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In the epic of Beowulf there is not a large presence for the role of females, although in the very few lines in which they do appear there role is strong. One of the most well-known female characters in the tale Beowulf is Grendel’s Mother. Grendel’s Mother is the ruler of the lake. She is a powerful and vicious creature. Her skin is unable to be penetrated by any sword because it is coated in such evil due to all the sins she has committed (599-600). The role that Grendel’s Mother plays in this tale is that of a mother who grief is stricken over the loss of her only son Grendel. Also how she will stop at nothing to avenge him because isn’t that the instinct of a mother who so dearly loves her children? The Greedy She-Wolf represents a strong…show more content…
Women are seen as the motherly type in this day and age. It is mother’s job to protect her young. That is all Grendel’s mother was trying to do. She was simply trying to serve justice for what had happened to her young one. Another main character when it comes to the role of females in the story of Beowulf would be Welthow, Hrothgar’s gold-ringed queen (345-346). Welthow was a noble woman who knew what was right and what was wrong (348-349). She was a good wife who held her husband’s name high and proud and with great honor. She supported each and every warrior with pride. Welthow also acts as a sort of a peacekeeper, this meaning that her husband Hrothgar thought Beowulf to be extremely boastful and full of himself, holding his head just a little too high on his shoulders. Hrothgar believed that Beowulf owed him because of what he had done for his father. Queen Welthow however saw that even if Beowulf was a little too cocky and conceited with himself that he meant well. She saw and believed that Beowulf had been a blessing from god, that he had been the answer to all their…show more content…
As Beowulf drank he assured the queen that his heart was firm and his hands were ready by saying : ‘When we crossed the sea, my comrades and I, I already knew that all my purpose was this: to win the good will of your people or die I battle, pressed in Grendel’s fierce grip. Let me live in greatness and courage, or here in this hall welcome my death!’ Welthow was so pleased with what Beowulf had said to her that she carried his words back to her husband to show him that Beowulf meant good and that he was here to help there people(361-372). Hrothgar after hearing what his wife had told him wished Beowulf the best of luck (382-383). In this day and age women play a much bigger role in society than they did in the

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