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Huba 1 While the Greek gods may have had the power absolute beings should have, they lacked religious seriousness, god-like attitudes, and godly supremeness. To put it another way, the gods and goddesses did not have the god-likeness to match their powers, making them the same as humans with powers. Often times, they were found indulging themselves in the human feelings of jealousy, hate, sorrow, and love. They allowed these feelings to cloud their judgment. Resulting in making unfair and biased decisions that they often times regretted. The Greek gods and goddesses acted the same…show more content…
Zeus, the ruler of the gods, often indulged in adultery. As a result, Hera, Zeus's wife, was often jealous of the women Zeus loved and his illegitimate children. Aphrodite and her vanity, constantly wanting to be the most beautiful. Another example, is when Hermes stole from Apollo and got away with it. The gods and goddesses often took what they desired, just as man does. The stories tell that the gods would go after beautiful mortal women and nymphs, and forcefully take them if they did not want to go. Therefore, mortal women were often in danger and could only cry out to Artemis to save them. If she heard them, she would usually turn them in a plant or tree. Their desires lead to many deaths, feuds and hatred. The gods' and goddesses' feelings usually clouded their judgment, just as a man does. The gods' and goddesses' feelings got in the way of their judgments, making them as good a ruler as any mortal man. A example, is the story of Niobe. Niobe bragged to Leto, the mother of the twins Artemis and Apollo, that she had fourteen children where as Leto only had two. When Leto's children, Artemis and Apollo, heard of Niobe's bragging, they slew her fourteen children. This story shows how the gods' and goddesses' feelings highly influenced their judgments. It also shows that the gods and goddesses, where unfair to their subjects, because they killed Niobe's Innocent children even though Niobe was the one that had

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