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Celtic Wicca is wicca that is based on pagan practices during the Roman time period. While many of the practices of Celtic Wicca are much the same as other types of wicca, Celtic Wicca intertwines daily rituals and ways of life with magickal living. Celebrating the eight sabbats, much the same with any other form of wicca, is part of practicing Celtic Wicca. The four major sabbats include the spring and fall equinoxes on March 21st and September 21st, the winter and summer solstices on June 21st and December 21st; as well as the four minor sabbats of Samhain on 10/31, Imbolc on 2/2, Beltane on 5/1, and Lammas on 8/1. These sabbats are very important to Celtic Wicca because they are times of great change and going through the wheel of life as well as the wheel of the year, harvests etc.…show more content…
There are certain Celtic power numbers such as 3,5,7,9,and 13 that are used to enhance magickal workings. Such as when writing rituals using pieces of paper that are dianameters in 3x5 or 7x7 is believed to be powerfull magick and give it that extra oomph. Unlike many wiccan traditions though, Celtic Wicca encourages community actions. While it's still important to form your own beliefs with your own personal research, Celtic Wicca also stands for community and learning from one another, as learning the inner workings of Celtic Wicca can be quite difficult if not taught by another more experienced member of the same path. Seeking out other members of this community can help in the aid of the learning process. The name Celt was from the Greeks. They used to call the Celts Keltoi. They did not have a empire or a government. The earliest we can find on record

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