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In ancient times three divinities were better than the rest. These three stand out in a crowd, because of how well known, and how well loved they are. The Gods, Eros and Hermes, are very important and deserve credit for their great doings, and Venus, the goddess of love and beauty is no pushover. Eros’ naughty behavior has caught the eye of his mother, Venus, several times throughout mythology. And Hermes was the one who updated the other gods of Olympus on how the story was going. Eros, Venus, and Hermes are the best of all the gods and goddesses of Olympus. To illustrate the greatness of the divinities, we start with Eros and his mischievous ways. This silly little god liked to go around shooting mortals and deities alike with his arrows of love. He is depicted as a handsome youth with wings and a bow and a few (or so) arrows. “In the early stories, he is oftenest a beautiful serious youth who gives good gifts to men.” Mythology, page 36. Eros once fell in love, but it was with a beautiful mortal; one that his mother despised.…show more content…
Though he seems unimportant, he is the contrary, a very useful god. Hermes is the messenger with winged shoes, but is known greatly for his cunning and shrewdness. Hermes is litknown as a trickster and a thief, a very fun and interesting god. One of his greatest thieveries was stealing Apollo’s cattle and hiding them in a cave -- when he was only an infant! Even Hamilton recognizes it, “... And ere the night fell he had stolen away Apollo’s herds.” When Apollo found Hermes he took the sleeping infant from his cradle and Apollo took him to Mount Olympus, to have Hermes judged by the King-God, Zeus. Zeus was fond of the tale and didn’t punish Hermes, Zeus only asked that Hermes return the herd to Apollo. And this story resolves with Hermes and Apollo exchanging gifts and becoming great friends. And we see that though one can be a trickster, the same one can also repent and know they did

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