Great Depression Narrative

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My names ia Mary Jane Adams, I’m twelve years of age in 1932. You’d think that my life should be filled with happiness. Well, it sucks. I live in probably the worst event that ever happened! The Great Depression. The time when everything is messed up. My parents are both sick with influenza, my older brother, Hector, tries to find a job everyday while I take care of the house. Before the Great Depression started, life was a blast. My ma, Carol, would make breakfast while Hector, Lance, my pa, and I would tend to the crops. I loved that life, back when I was smiling, but not anymore. I was once always excited about what the day would bring, but those days are over. One day, Ma, Pa, Hector and I were eating breakfast when suddenly, there was…show more content…
Pa! Take cover!” he yelled. Ma pulled me away from the window and shoved me under the table. Hector and her starting taking drench towels to the door and windows. Pa finally looked out of the window and after seeing what he saw, he fainted onto the floor. Lying as if he were dead. Hector pulls Pa under the table and gives me a wet towel to cover my face with. Ma comes soon after. Then it started. Dirt and dust everywhere. So much to where you couldn’t even be able to see your hand in front of your face. At least that’s what I can imagine that’s what I’d see under my towel. After the dust storm had past, I was in tears. I ran out of our little shack and into what used to be a barn for animals. All I can think about is what just happened and why am I still…show more content…
As I bit into my apple, I thought about what has been going on in my life and what I should do next. Maybe, I should run away instead of living in this horrid life. Or I could just wait. Waiting and waiting has always helped me before. Like on my birthday. I spent all day waiting for Pa to come home with my suprise birthday present. When he came home, he brought the cutest thing ever created by God in the world. A puppy named Sugarcane. However, waiting does have a downside like everything does. One day, I was walking my new puppy and she ran off chasing a groundhog. Ma told me to wait for her to come back, but she never came home. Who knew that the best day of your life could turn into the saddest day possible. I don't know what to think at all what to do in a matter of fact. All I want is for life to be different. To be happy and cheerful and not depressing. But how can you be happy without being sad

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