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Yesterday I interviewed my girlfriend. Her name is Hanxiao and she is from China. She just graduated from Loyola University Chicago in this summer. Now she is working in Chicago. Hanxiao is a very specific interviewee because she had both experiences of living in China and America. Therefore, she was able to talk about the differences between China and America. Specifically, our discussion was mainly about the culture and religion. The first part of my interview was about culture. Hanxiao stressed that Chinese culture is very different to American culture. In China people like to use chopstick when the eat foods, but in U.S people like to use forks. In China nobody say “how are you’, they just say “hi”, but in U.S people like to say “how are you” when they see each other. In China most college students don’t have jobs because their parents support everything for…show more content…
During the discussion I found one thing that is very interesting. Hanxiao said before she came to U.S she thought only White people and black people living in U.S. However, after she came here, she found that American society actually consists of many racial groups, like Asians, Indians, Mexicans, and Latinos. Many American-born Chinese speak fluent English and their facial features are different to those people who actually came from China. They don’t like Chinese food but they like American food. They dress clothes of American style. Sometimes I felt the cultural clash when I communicated with them because our ideologies are different. I think the differences between American-born Chinese and traditional Chinese are because of

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