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“According to the the the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, an estimated 39,471 homeless veterans are on America's streets on any given night”( People who have put their lives on the line and served for the citizens of America can live in the country we call home. Veterans being homeless is a large issue in modern day American society, thankfully measures are being taken by groups such as the Disabled Veterans of America and the Disabled Veterans Association to put an end to this problem. Veterans being homeless is not a new issue in today's society , it became a large scale issue when thousands of veterans were returning home from WWII. Many of these Veterans returned home in a worse condition than they had left in, coming back home with both mental and physical disabilities. It was not easy for veterans…show more content…
Many people may argue that Veterans are much better off than most when it comes to acquiring or Buying a house because of the GI bill and the perks that come along with it. People may also argue that if a Veteran is homeless it is their own fault and an issue that is up to them to solve of themselves. Even though these types of arguments may have a degree of legitimacy the people who make these arguments are not taking into consideration the toll serving for the United States can take on a person's mental and physical health, especially if a Veteran was deployed during their time of service. Whether a Veteran was deployed or not serving our country is not an easy job no matter how it is viewed and Veterans sometimes cannot come back from serving and be able to cope with what one would refer to as our normal functioning society. This fact alone is enough to prove that this issue is a large scale problem and needs the nation's attention and deserves all the attention it has been

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