Corruption In The Great Gatsby

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In the book, Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald explores multiple themes throughout the story. One theme in particular that stands out the most is the corruption of the American Dream. The concept of the American Dream is that anyone can be very successful as long they work and hard and use their skills and knowledge. Fitzgerald focuses on the corruption and the problems of the American Dream that the characters face. The time period in which people would the anything to reach the “American Dream”. It is commonly known as wealth, fame, and power during the Roaring Twenties. The American Dream is beautiful when it’s pure and not corrupted. If it becomes adulterated; the dream becomes senseless and hollow. “He stretched out his arm towards the dark water in a curious way” (Gatsby, 20). Gatsby’s endeavored greatly towards his accomplishing his goal. “Be better to parents, No wasting time at Shafter’s, Read one improving book or magazine per week” (Gatsby, 173). It was an agenda that Gatsby had used to better improve himself and slowly attain his dream. The actions of Gatsby perfectly described the…show more content…
During that time period, everyone was focused in fame and wealth. A person’s value was measured by his money and fame, not by his true worth. It explains as to why only a few people came to Gatsby’s death. “So I took him aside and asked him to wait for half an hour. But it wasn’t any use. Nobody came” (Gatsby, 174). The wealthy citizens of New York came to Gatsby’s mansion not for him, but for his parties and the company of others. Only a few people thanked him for his hospitality and others mocked and gossiped about him behind his back. Gatsby was only remembered as the man with money. He never really personally touched with others life aside from Nick and Daisy. It is also the same as the opposite. A man who has forged a strong bond and connection to those around him will be remembered as a significant figure to the lives of
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