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“How long?” Jean Anderson asked Dr. Farms. “There is no definite answer” Dr. Farms replied apologetically. “How long?” Jean’s voice rose to a roaring volume escaping the door of the hospital room that was opened ajar and echoing down the hallway. “You are the gosh darn adroit doctor! You must know!” she replied “You have as much duplicity as the prized pig at the county fair” she said with a grimace on her face, “all the ballons, the streamers and the countless people asking the owner, ‘Why how old is she’” she stated in her southern accent. “Mrs. Anderson there is no need to be beligerent.” the docter hissed “You have two months” he stated “without an organ transplant you might not even last that.” Jean Anderson could not look Dr. Farms in…show more content…
When she was in her freshman year of high school she had fallen in love with Dylan Anderson and at a very young age they got married. Not long after she had gotten pregnant with her first son Nicholas and four years later another son named Jhon they were a privileged famliy. Dylans father was a laywer while his mother owned a clothing store. Jeans father was an doctor and her mother worked at the bank. Nicholas was favored between the two boys for being smart and kind to adults and his peers. He graduated his high school year early and went to the military at the age of eighteen. During his first year his group had been ambushed causing him and six others to die. After Nicholas’s death his mother began drinking a lot and taking her anger out on her son and James and her husband as well to the point of him getting a divorce, leaving James with Jean and moving out at that point Jean became more aggresive toward James so when he turned eighteen years old he moved out and avoided his mother as much as he could. He grew up to be an engineer. With a wife and two sons. Sitting in that doctors office she realized she would never meet her grandchildren alive or

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