Studying And Kuwait: Advantages And Contrast Study In Kuwait

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Studying abroad more excellent than studying in Kuwait No one can deny that studying abroad is extraordinarily useful for students. Studying abroad helps students to achieve a higher level of education in plenty of fields that might not be available in their country. It also helps them to learn a plethora of material and gain experience in their life. They also become more responsible. However, there are various student prefer to study in Kuwait by reason of it is their country and they don’t aspire to leave their families and travel to study abroad. Therefore, experience, knowledge and responsibility are three logical reasons why studying abroad is higher quality than studying in Kuwait. How student receives experience and knowledge when studying abroad One main reason for this argument is the experience. A student who travels and studies…show more content…
Part of family prefer their children to study in Kuwait by cause of they have a feeling of fear when send them to study aboard. This feeling of fear is as long as they think their children won’t be able to carry the responsibility of himself. Another reason of fear is the fear of misbehaving friends, as they could lead their children to deleterious habits resembling smoking or not studying. Another reason of preferring to study in Kuwait is since if the students didn’t have enough sleep due to staying up late for a long time, which can affect their grades and affect their concentration in the class. The last reason is the cost, studying abroad can be expensive as the students have got to rent an apartment, buy food and pay for the transportation beside the high cost of the college in comparison with the university of Kuwait which will cost them nothing thanks to the government of Kuwait offers free education for Kuwaiti students and they will stay at their families’ home and use one of the cars available in the

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