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Logo Design Logo design is a dynamic and exciting branch of graphic design whose significance is increasingly becoming appreciated in the business community. Every serious business will have a nice symbol that represents it as a strategy for effective branding. Logo design is today considered one of the most lucrative careers with attractive perks for people with imaginative, creative and basic computer skills. People who know how to design logos perfectly are always in demand everywhere they go for their skills. The beauty of logo design is that you don’t need to go to college to master the art of designing great logos. As long as you have a little bit of imagination, creativity, interest and self-assurance, you can become a great designer and land awesome projects always. Learning…show more content…
The best way to start learning logo design is to invest in the books. So, why the wait? Let’s go through the best books for learning the subject. The books are categorized into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. So pick the book that best suits you. 1. Beginner’s Books i. Logo Design Love by David Airey: Rated as one of the best logo design books for beginners available today, Logo Design Love breaks down the subject matter into basics, providing comprehensive knowledge a beginner needs to learn logo design. ii. Logotype by Michael Evamy: Learn the subtle nuances of creating brilliant logos with this topnotch beginner designers’ book. iii. Logo Modernism by Jens Muller & R. Roger Remington: If you are looking to learn how to design a logo but you don’t know where to start, Logo Modernism is a great place to begin. This is an incredible resource that will help you learn cutting-edge design skills from scratch, making a successful designer out of you. iv. Logo Life by Ron van der Vlugt: This is another incredible step-by-step guide to creating world class logos from scratch. 2. Intermediate and Advanced

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