Grammar: The Importance Of A Language

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Grammar is the backbone of a language and it, provides the base you need in order to organize and put your messages and ideas in a sentence. It is like the railway with which you transport our messages. Without it, like the train cannot move without railways, you won’t be able to use your ideas without a good command of the grammar patterns and structures of the language. However it is the better way to understand how we use words and components to form sentences. While writing an essay grammar plays a crucial role because it helps how to use punctuation and conjunction to make better sentences and helps to understand point logically. There are some measures how to use punctuation and conjunction for an effective and better essay. Some punctuation are, first is Semicolon (:) which…show more content…
The rules of grammar help the learners to develop a routine of thinking in a logical and clearer way. Hence, when they study grammar, they become more accurate in the language. If you are not able to write properly you are not relay your matter with accuracy. While writing on behalf of yourself, it is important to use correct grammar as to prove your point logically. If someone has bad communication skills you cannot do good work with smooth and normal way. Even in corporate world, if you communicate effectively gives lots of opportunities in different aspects of life to prove yourself better. If you have poor grammar and communication skills you are not even survive in this advanced world. As seen above, one cannot deny the importance of grammar in communication. However there are still many problems faced by people while using a grammar. It is true that the way the sentences are structured and formatted, it becomes a bit boring to study grammar, but it is all worth the effort. People can use online tools to analyse their mistakes and correct them. However it is important to recheck the work before using such type of

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