Governor William Berkeley: Governor Of Virginia

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Governor William Berkeley was governor of Virginia for more than thirty years. However, he was challenged by a member of society Nathaniel Bacon. Nathaniel knew Berkeley was not the man everyone thought he was. Nathaniel wrote a declaration to challenge the government and to also represent the people of Virginia. Nathaniel argues his case by discussing eight points about William Berkeley. He states “For having upon specious pretenses of public works raised great unjust taxes upon the Commonality for the advancement of private favorites and other ends…” Nathaniel proposes this statement because; Berkeley took away rights, privileges, and raised taxes as well. This made it harder on the residents in Virginia was nearly a new colony and it didn’t need progressive taxes. Nathaniel made numerous assumptions about Governor Berkeley, for instance Bacon stated “for having, protected, favored, and emboldened the Indians against his Majesties loyal, subjects, never contriving...” Bacon made this comment because; the Indians were getting away with invasions, robberies, and murders. He wanted the…show more content…
Berkeley was considered a reliable friend to planters and he was favored by many. Although he became more rigidity of power, and didn’t realize the economic, social, and political transition of Virginia. In Berkeley’s declaration he discussed how he’s a great Governor in Virginia, and Nathaniel Bacon is bashing his good name. Berkeley makes the statement “...of diverse of his expression of Atheism, tending to take away all Religion and Law.” William stated this to ensure the residents that Bacon is an atheist because, he challenged authority. Challenging authority meant he was challenging God as well. Berkeley made it clear to his audience, if someone questions The Parliament its considered treason. Berkeley used foreshadowing to indicate Bacon was being considered for treason against
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