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The Native American people often get overlooked in the founding of the original colonies, but in my opinion, they had the greatest impact upon the colonies. They were some of the first settlers in America, and effected the colonies profoundly. The Virginia Company sent 144 settlers to build a new colony in North America in late 1606. Captain John Smith built ties with the local Powhatan people and their chief, who was named Powhatan. The Powhatan provided food and means of survival during this time. But Smith was injured in late 1609, and returned to England, resulting in the Powhatan ceasing to help the colonists. Relations with the Powhatan improved after a man named John Rolfe married the chief's daughter, Pocahontas. This led the Virginia…show more content…
The Mayflower drifted off course during its journey, and the Pilgrims anchored at the first land that they saw- Cape Cod Bay. Cape Cod Bay was well North of their original target of sailing. During their first winter in America, about half of the Pilgrims died due to illness, hunger, and cold weather. When spring came along, however, Squanto and Samoset- two Native Americans- came to the rescue and befriended the colonists. They taught the Pilgrims their ways of life; growing corn, beans, and pumpkins, hunting, and fishing. Without their help, the Pilgrims would most likely have died. The Pilgrims would not have a history in America if it weren't for the Native American…show more content…
In 1675, Wampanoag leader Metacomet (known to the settlers as King Philip) waged war against the New England colonists because he was tired of them moving onto Native American lands without permission and/or payment. Metacomet commissioned the service of other Native American groups, but after fourteen months of raging war, the colonists defeated Metacomet. This resulted in the destruction of the power that the Native Americans had in New England, and colonial settlement expanding. This was a negative impact in some ways- because the Native Americans did not have power in that particular area after the war. But it did expand the settlement of the colonies, so that was an upside to the situation. The war was America's first major conflict with Native

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