Bacon's Rebellion Vs Indian Rebellion Research Paper

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Pre-Write: • Pueblo Revolt o Spanish conquered Native Americans in New Mexico o Rule the Natives with violence and brutality o Popé leads a rebellion push out the Spaniards o Spaniards return but grant the Natives many more freedoms • Bacon’s Rebellion o Indentured servants o Not enough land o Wanted to take Indian’s land o Nathaniel Bacon disagreed with Governor Berkley o Held House of Burgesses hostage Thesis: In the late 1600s, Bacon’s Rebellion and the Pueblo Revolt were both uprisings coordinated by a single leader who concentrated the suppressed lower classes’ fiery resentments into a full-fledged rebellion against authority. However, they differed in that Bacon’s Rebellion consisted of colonial land-hungry indentured servants who rose up against a land-holding…show more content…
• Both events were initiated by the lower class that were united through a single leader and common goals. • Both events occurred contemporaneously around the 1670s-1680s, although separated by many hundreds of miles, with conflicts arising between colonists and Indians in the New World. Contrast: • The Pueblo Revolt occurred due to Spanish brutality and religious and cultural suppression, whereas Bacon’s Rebellion occurred because of land greed and envy of the upper

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