M2 Compare The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Animated Gifs

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Compare different animation formats M2 Animated Gifs are images in the gif file format that are able to move and change. An animated gif contains a number of images or frames, these frames are shown in a specific order in order to show animation. An animated gif can loop constantly or end after a few sequences. Animated gifs do not take up a lot of space on websites as the file size is small. Animated gifs have 256 colours available so they are best used for simple text and shapes. Advantages of animated gifs Animated Gifs allow single bit transparency and this means that when you are creating your image you can choose to have one colour transparent, so instead of using a plain background you could use a transparent one which would allow the background colour to show through the image. Another advantage of animated gifs is…show more content…
Quicktime embeds files into documents, this means that you can edit movies and sound clips easily and also share them with ease. Movie playback on Quicktime is also good as it is in high quality. Disadvantages Quicktime files are usually quite large as they are of high quality, this can be a problem for people with slow internet as it would take quite long to download them or even send them by email to someone, this can also effect buffering time when watching movies as well. Quicktime may also not support some file formats. RealPlayer is a cross platform multimedia player that is compatible with most operating systems and file formats such as .MP3, .MPEG4 and windows media files. It is not preinstalled so you will have to download RealPlayer from their website. Advantages Realplayer is free to install and this is good as it allows animators to play their animations without having to buy any specialist software. RealPlayer also supports nearly all file formats. It is compatible with the main operating systems such as; Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Solaris.

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