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Case Study on Google Ashish Shakya Kings College Affiliated To Westcliff University BUS 323 Organizational Behavior Professor Shirley Chuo/Pritha Malla January 31, 2017 Abstract The case that were given to us to analyze on Google on its employees and the effectiveness of the corporation’s diverse of working environment since in this case, we found about the heavy work stress faced by the employees in order of doing their job and is also mentioned that how they are satisfied doing their work and Google has been providing their employees with the good facilities that makes the employees increase the motivation to their work. Those facilities are like Energy Pods and other stress minimizing facilities. This paper consists of type A behavior…show more content…
In 2015, google has 61,814 employees working full-time where 70 percent of the employees working are male and 30 percent are female. Furthermore, female employees working in Google occupies only 22 percent of leadership and other 18 percent are in tech positions. Google hires people who is smart, determined and they approve ability over experience. Google is a innovative workplace holding the position in the list of fortune magazine. Google has also ranked 1st place in top 100 companies in United States having net worth of $82.5 billion and net revenue of $66 billion dollars estimated according to Forbes…show more content…
Some of the perks offered by the firms to employees to encourage them to stay focused in the workplace for longer hours are energy pods which increases their productivity level. These energy pods creates an environment which helps employees to relax and get back to their work. It also includes music systems for the employees to relieved from exhaustion and also makes the person to relax or sleep for few minutes and wake up to continue with their normal activities. (Colquitt, 2012) has state that employees who use energy pods to handle challenge stressors concentrate on issues that relate to work demands that create potentially stressful aspects that are associated gains for the employees. Individuals with Type A behavior pattern reacts to energy pod The employees with type A behavior are those who mainly focus on their objectives with less social responsibility and feeling. Type A behavior pattern employees are time and work driven who focuses on their work rather than relaxation. The employees with type A behavior pattern tends to be very competitive, self-critical and strive towards goals without feeling a sense of joy in their efforts or accomplishments (McLeod, 2014). So, in my point of view might suit well with Type A behavior pattern employees. Google providing such high level energy pods are very useful for employees with Type A behavior pattern. References Colquitt, J. (2012). Organizational Behavior:

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